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makefiles manpage (user's guide)
makefiles manpage (system programmer's guide)

makefiles is an easy to use system of makefiles and includable make rules that results in easy to read and to maintain leaf makefiles
makefiles allows to mount a source tree via NFS and simultaneous compilation on all supported platforms
makefiles therefore allows to re-use a source tree for all supported platforms in favor of the GNU concept of
untar -> configure -> make -> install -> remove
makefiles includes rules to run autoconf on demand in order to create a file mconfig.h for portablility.
makefiles include many template makefiles for all purposes
makefiles includes a set of include files that makes porting easier
makefiles is best used with smake, a highly portable make program for convenience and easier debugging
because gnu make does not run on all platforms smake does and
because gnu make not allow no make file debugging

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