This is the list of some DVD-Video Related Links I found while looking for information:


  • cdrecord - cdrecord ftp site
  • cdrecord-ProDVD - cdrecord-ProDVD ftp site writes DVD-R(W), free for private/research/educational_non-commercial use.
  • cdrecord - Cdrecord information
  • transcode - Tool to recode various Videoformats, including Support for > 1 Audio-Streams
  • dvdauthor - Creeates simple IFO-Files, currenly without Menu-Support
  • mjpeg - Tools to manipulilate MPEG-Files including (de)multiplexing
  • dvd-create - The DVD-Create page on Sourceforge
  • DVDrip Frontend - Frontend to rip & transcode (DVD-Support in ToDo)


  • UDF and others - Information the about UDF filesystem and CD-RW media
  • - Technic-Reports, Media-Compatibility/Quality-List
  • dvdplayer compat - Compatibility of DVD-Players with DVD-+R(W)

    If anyone is interested, ECMA ( has some DVD-Video related specs:

  • ECMA-167 Volume and File Structure for Write-Once and Rewritable Media Using Non-Sequential Recording
  • ECMA-168 Volume and File Structure for Read-Only and Write-Once Compact Disk Media for Information Interchange
  • ECMA-272 120 mm DVD Rewritable Disk (DVD-RAM) (February 1998)
  • ECMA-273 Case for 120 mm DVD-RAM Disks (February 1998)


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