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This is the last result of the logo contest. All current logos are on this page

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About cdrecord's Y2k compliance
Linux on my Sony VAIO with Transmeta Crusoe

June 4th 2007, Cdrecord adds the first Blu Ray support

The related code is in cdrtools-2.01.01a29.

In 2006 we were celebrating the 20th anniverary of the scg driver and libscg

In the first week of August 1986, I created the world's first SCSI generic pass-through system
on/for SunOS-3.0. Other similar ideas (such as ASPI from Adaptec) did appear 1988 or later.
Libscg is one of the oldest part of cdrtools. It is needed to grant platform independend
generic SCSI transport.

cdrecord & DVD 9 years of DVD recording with cdrecord-ProDVD.

Cdrtools are now available unter a OSS license that gives more freedom than the GPL

On May 15th 2006, most of the code has been relicensed under the CDDL.
The CDDL has been selected as one of 8 preferred licenses by the OSI.

Important information: Linux- breaks CD/DVD writing for suid root applications

If you have related problems, use a recent original cdrecord and install cdrecord suid-root or go back to Linux-2.4

Warning: do not use Debian binaries/sources as they include many Debian specific bugs and still do not run correctly on Linux-2.6

Be careful with cdrecord derivates/forks from Debian, Debian seems to ignore the new constraints for
SCSI pass through on Linux-2.6. As a result, that they still incorrectly believe that it is possible
to use SCSI pass through as non-root on Linux-2.6, they created a cdrecord variant that tries to hide
the problems instead of dealing with the problems.

The Debian fork is based on an extremely outdated version of cdrtools.
The Debian fork of cdecord did rip off DVD support for no reason and
the mkisofs version distributed by Debian misses find(1) support, correct file meta data support
and the UDF enhancements as well as useful UTF-8 support is missing.

An original recent cdrecord is the preferred software.

Cdrecord supports DVD+-R and DVD+-RW with all known DVD-writers on all UNIX-like OS and on Win32.
DVD writing support is implemented in cdrecord since march 1998. Cdrecord writes DVD media similar to CD media.
Here is the place from where you may download the cdrtools source packages that include cderecord-ProDVD.

Important Information:

Both RedHat and SuSE started to publish the bastardized and defective variants of cdrtools from Debian in their distributions.
If you have problems on RedHat or SuSE systems, first fetch a recent original cdrtools source, compile it yourself
and run the original instead of broken software that illegally claims to be cdrecord.

Vortrag DVD-Brennen bei den LinuxInfoTagen (29.6.2003) BeLUG

Yamaha DiskT@2 is supported since Sept. 1 2002 (cdrtools-1.11a32). Here are some images from a user: Image-1   Image-2

Personal support for cdrecord has been terminated!

This is not because I am a bad guy but because I am receiving far too much mail that only wastes my time and prevents me
from doing serious work. It seems that far too many people are antisocial and just too lazy to read the documentation
or are using an account that has been set up incorrectly. For this reason, I cannot give personal support anymore.
If you cannot compile cdrtools, ask your sysadmin or someone else from the net but don't try to use my time.
If cdrecord does not work for you, get the latest alpha and read the documentation. If you found a real problem,
you may continue to contact me, but be prepared that you don't receive an answer as in most cases reports do not
describe a cdrecord bug but a broken drive or a broken Operating system or if your problem is mentioned in the documentation.
Read this if you have problems with cdrecord
If you have a drive that does not work, send me a sample drive and documentation that would allow me to add support.

Firmware upgrade for CD-Recorders on UNIX systems.

BerliOS is now hosting the German FreeDB (cddb) mirror on and

Cdrecord on Freshmeat

CD animated

Cdrecord download is now on on Berlios Logo.

If you have problems, always first check the latest alpha version before you report a bug.

Cdrtools-2.0 final is out and supports many new features (including cdrecord, cdda2wav and mkisofs/mkhybrid in a single source tree).

The previous version:cdrecord-1.10.

The millennium Logo contest. Win a free copy of cdrecord.

I am looking for a set of logos for cdrecord/mkisofs/cdda2wav/readcd. All graphics will go to a web page. If you have an idea or a ready bitmap, send me email:
The best artwork will be used for cdrtools.

ESO, the owner of the world's largest supertelescope, now uses cdrecord-ProDVD for CD-R and DVD-R creation.

See the VLT archive project for additional information on DVD-R usage for scientific archives

Starting in autumn 2000 for real work, ESO writes 50GB of data each day to DVD-R media. This keeps a single DVD-R drive busy for more than 12 hours per day.

Read the online cdrecord-2.0 manpage. Here is a list of changes in cdrecord-2.0 since cdrecord-1.10

Related projects to cdrecord: the CD building project for UNIX.

A list of CD-Related Links.

A list of DVD-Video-Related Links.

Read some FAQ's, How-to's and README's for cdrecord.

Read all man pages for cdrecord and other programs.

Here are the outdated German translations of the man page and the README's for cdrecord.

The capacity list of most blank CD media from Jörg Schilling and Jürgen Stessun in Berlin/Germany.

Supported Operating systems:

If you are using an ATAPI CD-Recorder read these tips.
SunOS 4.x
SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x): read the Sun CD-ROM FAQ. On Solaris 7 FCS, install patch 107465-02 on Solaris 8 (SPARC). Install patch 108974-16 to fix the ATA DMA bug (if using ATAPI).
Linux: read the most recent CD-Writing HOWTO.
If you have any problems with SCSI on Linux, read the Linux SCSI notes and some notes on enhancing the Linux 'sg' driver interface.
Linux & ParallelPort CD-Recorder read this about the actual status.
NetBSD/FreeBSD/OpenBSD read these tips for FreeBSD.
AIX - to create a bootable CD for CHRP you need mkisofs from cdrecord-1.8a39 or later.
BSD/OS 3.x (BSDI) -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.6.1
FreeBSD-current (CAM SCSI transport) -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.6.1
OSF-1 -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.6.1
NeXt Step -> Precompiled Binary available here. Source available to the public in cdrecord-1.8a28 or later.
Apple Rhapsody -> SCSI tranport source available to the public in cdrecord-1.8a28 or later.
MacOS X -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a28.
BeOS -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a14
VMS -> Port ready but does not use the makefile system. Immediate access is here. Also look at this location.
For a Win32 development environment, look at:
WNT -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a22, precompiled Binaries are available here or here old binaries at this place.
W95 -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a22, precompiled Binaries are available here or here old binaries at this place.
W98 -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a22, precompiled Binaries are available here or here old binaries at this place.
NT-3.5 -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a22, precompiled Binaries are available here or here old binaries at this place.
Make sure that you are using an ASPI layer that works for NT-3.5.
SCO Openserver 5.x -> Port integrated in cdrecord-1.8a22, or get a binary from skunkware as custom installable binary.
SCO Unixware 2 / Unixware 7 -> Port on skunkware as custom installable binary.
DOS -> DOS/DJGPP port integrated in cdrtools-2.01a20; a binary may be retrieved from here
OS/2 -> Port integrated in cdrtools-2.0; a binary may be retrieved from here (recent) or here (outdated).

Operating systems with ports in alpha or beta:

QNX -> Port for QNX Neutrino underway.

Volunteers wanted for ports to:

Ultrix -> Any interest? an old port has been lost due to a disk crash.
DG-UX -> May be out of interest, but if there is really interest please mail me.

The user land SCSI transport implementations on Linux and *BSD (except FreeBSD/cam) are the worst ones.
Linux will not tell you all errors while *BSD (except FreeBSD/cam) hides the device files from you.
SGI does not allow SCSI disconnects on odd-byte-count boundaries.
Look for my SCSI implementation ratings.

If you would like to get the latest news on CD recording and wish to actively help with developing the software you may join the CD-Recording mailing list by sending an email to that includes the word "subscribe" in the body.

The CD Information Center

Have a look at Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ.

...or his CD drive comparison list. To be able to recognize all CD-R drives correctly, I need the Inquiry data of all drives.
Please email your inquiry data to me at: An Inquiry output looks like:
	Device type    : Removable CD-ROM
	Version        : 2
	Response Format: 2
	Capabilities   : 
	Vendor_info    : 'IMS     '
	Identifikation : 'CDD2000/00      '
	Revision       : '1.26'
...and may be retrieved by cdrecord dev=target,lun -inq (replace target and lun with the correct values). cdrecord -scanbus will list the drives connected to your system.

Here is the Inquiry data that I already know.

Please help collecting the HW/SW matrix and add your system to this list.

Download cdrecord-2.0: NOTE: use the cdrtools package.

Supported drives with cdrecord-2.0

Unsupported drives with cdrecord-2.0

The Yamaha CDR-400, CDRW-4260, and CDRW-4416, and the Plexwriter PX-R412, Plexwriter 820, Plexwriter RW-4/2/20, Plexwriter RW-8/2/20, and Plexwriter RW-12/4/32 are the only CD-R drives I know of that have a jumper to set the sector size to 512 bytes.

NOTICE: it seems that all Plextor and all Yamaha CD-R and CD-RW drives support switching to 512 bytes/sector.
This should allow to use the drive as a boot drive and general-purpose drive for SunOS and Solaris.

Drives that may get support if I have the time:

Ricoh 1060C (if I manage to print the manual with Japanese characters)
JVC, Pinnacle Micro (if I get support from the companies)

Cdrecord is free. Cdrecord is the only CD-R program available that supports most CD-Recorders and comes with full source.

To be able to give continuous support for all recorders I need continuous access to drives from all brands and all models. I would be happy to see industrial sponsors supplying me with the needed drives.

I currently own the CD-Recorders from the hardware list below. If you would like to supply me with one please contact me at

Thanks to the following companies for supplying me with needed materials.

Hardware (the hardware in this section is supported):

COMPRO donated a COMPRO CW-7502 forever.
TEAC donated a TEAC CD-R55S, a CD-R58S, and a CDW-54E forever.
Yamaha donated a Yamaha CDR-400tx, a CRW4416S, and a CRW8824SZ forever.
Plextor donated a PlexWriter 8/20, a PlexWriter RW 4/2/20, a PlexWriter RW 8/2/20, a Plexwriter RW 12/4/32 , and an UltraPlex 40max forever.
Sony donated a Sony CDU-948 and a CRX-145E forever.
Ricoh donated a Ricoh MP-7040A and a MP-7040S forever.
Ricoh donated a Ricoh MP-7060S to Thomas Niederreiter and Heiko Eißfeldt.
This will help to implement additional features into X-CD-roast and cdda2wav, as these drives support all you might want from a CD-R/CD-RW drive.
Ricoh donated a Ricoh MP-7080A and a MP-9060A forever.
LG-Electronics (Goldstar) donated a CED-8080B drive forever.
Freecom donated a Freecom Traveller with Parallel Port, USB and PC-Card cable as well as an external case for 5¼" ATAPI drives forever.
Sanyo donated a CRD-Bp2 (BURN-Proof)BURN-Proof Logo forever.
Plextor donated a PX-W121032A (BURN-Proof)BURN-Proof Logo forever.

New Hardware (not yet supported or not yet fully supported):


Still under construction.

If you have problems, please include the operating system and the hardware architecture in each email. I am getting dozens of emails each day and cannot remember your last email.

Access count: since April 1997

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