1.4.1998 Cdrecord now has more than 200,000 users worldwide
Cdrecord-1.6.1final is out since 19th of October.
There will soon be versions of cdrecord running on VMS, ULTRIX.
www.eso.orgThe owner of the worlds largest supertelescope is using cdrecord to archive astronomic data on CD and DVD-R
Cdrecord-1.6.1 supports Linux Parallel Port / ATAPI adapters.
Cdrecord-1.6.1 supports OSF-1.
Cdrecord-1.6.1 supports FreeBSD/cam.
Stellungnahme zum Artikel "‹berbrenner" der c't 19/1998
Cdrecord-1.8a18 supports limited Disk at Once
1.3.1999 Cdrecord now has more than 300,000 downloads from the primary site and over 400 ftp mirrors worldwide
I estimate more than 1,000,000 users worldwide
Some notes on the Linux SCSI generic driver.
29.4.1999 first Win32 port for NT-4.0, WIN95 and WIN98 using ASPI32 is available in binary.
29.4.1999 including NT-4.0, WIN95 and WIN98, cdrecord now supports 20 different operating system and 16 different SCSI transport interfaces
22.11.2000 BerliOS (www.berlios.de) is now hosting the German freedb mirror at de.freedb.org and freedb.berlios.de
31.5.2001 Cdrecord now supports RAW writing and allows to create Disk at Once CD's even with Philips drives.
1.1.2002 Cdrecord-ProDVD becomes free for educational and research purposes.
9.3.2002 4th anniversary of Cdrecord-ProDVD
9.3.2002 Cdrecord-ProDVD becomes free for private no-commercial use too.
30.3.2002 Cdrecord-ProDVD supports all DVD-R/DVD-RW drives currently in the market although I currently have no access to a Panasonic DVD-R/DVD-RAM drive.
9.3.2003 5th anniversary of Cdrecord-ProDVD
28.5.2003 Cdrtools-2.00.03 has been published
9.9.2004 Cdrtools-2.01 has been published
15.5.2006 Cdrtools are now under a more free license (CDDL)
15.5.2006 All sourcecode from Cdrecord-ProDVD has been made OpenSource
4.7.2007 First Blu Ray support has been added to cdrecord with cdrtools-2.01.01a29

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